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About CES

About CES


The Center for English Studies (CES) is one of the leading centers of The University of Cambodia (UC). CES was founded in 2003
when UC was officially launched by Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, the President of The University of Cambodia. CES offers a variety of English programs:

1. English as a Second Language (ESL) is designed to help you read, write, speak and understand everyday English, from Beginner to Advanced levels. Taught by experienced foreign and native teachers, this course uses carefully chosen textbooks to improve your English skills and prepare for IELTS testing.

2. Intensive English Program (IEP) provides students with the knowledge necessary to excel in an academic setting. This course gives students the high level of English they need to study at The University of Cambodia, or at universities abroad.

3. English for Specific Purposes Program (ESP) offers tailormade ‘on request’ programs specializing in English for Business
Communication, Banking and Finance, Law and the Service Industry.

4. Special English Skills Program allows students to choose which skills they want to improve on: reading, writing, speaking or listening.

Our graduates are widely recognized for the high level of their English proficiency and skills. Come learn for yourself, and step into the bright future with us

 For more details of all our courses, please consult The Center for English Studies (CES) or visit our website

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