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Ms. Magdalena B

Ms. Magdalena B

Ms. Magdalena B. Kindipan-Mosher joined the teacher’s workforce of the University of Cambodia specifically the Center for English Studies (CES) on January 2014 as an English teacher to date.

The Spantran Services Educational Consultants of the United States of America accorded her a U.S. Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (English) and a U.S. Master of Educational Administration degrees in 2002. She graduated with honors in Master of Arts in Education majoring in English at the Baguio colleges Foundation in the Philippines.

Her insatiable thirst for knowledge in different phases of life put her to the continuing education program. She finished Medication Administration and Nurse Assistant in California and Texas, U.S.A. respectively.

She proved her versatility and adaptability when she worked and held various managerial and top-level positions in different fields of endeavor in the public and in the private sectors.

She has a wide array of education, trainings and experiences that she shares with great passion in the teaching profession.
Currently, she is working to publish her book entitled “Treasure”.

Her poem, A Letter for Mother, garnered the Editor’s Choice Award presented by the International Library of Poetry in Maryland, UAS in 2008.  

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